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Please, before inquiring for a tattoo consultation, make sure that you have made a decision on the design you wish to work with.

Our first contact is made through  the form below, or by email to in order to evaluate the feasibility of the project.


I invite you to send me:

  • some descriptive pictures showing the style you are looking for

  • some pictures of the body location you are willing to get inked, possibly with a marked area to understand the size, if necessary

  • your contact details and availability

Thank you for your message!

Following our initial conversation and depending on the project, we may schedule a personal consultation, or a WhatsApp video call.

Once you decide to move on with your tattoo, a deposit is required through bank transfer to my registered business account. All details will be sent once everything is approved.

I work also on weekends, to make things easier for those who cannot take a day off over the week... but these appointments are quite in demand, so they are not available so easily.


Thank you for your attention, I am looking forward to meeting you!


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