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before inquiring, please have  very clear idea about your project, being 100%sure about what would you like to get 

send some descriptive pictures about the tattoo style you are looking for 

send some pictures of the body location you are willing to get inked possibly with a marked area to understand the size of it if necessary

don't forget to include your contact details and your availability

I work also on weekends to make things easier for those ones who cannot take a day over the week...but they are quite demanded so  they are not available so easily

after the previous chat , depending on the project, we may need a consult in person or also on WhatsApp video call ...but first contact is through email to see if the project is possible yes or not

after the consult, a deposit is required through transfer on my bank account, which is a registered business account in Zurich..

all details will be sent once all the rest is approved 

you may use the first contact form,or use directly the email address that will allow you to send directly images without waiting for me to respond to the first contact

thanks for your attention!!!!!


¡Gracias por tu mensaje!

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